The Motor Trade

We service main dealerships, independent motor traders and workshops.

Dealerships and Motor Traders

We service several main dealerships and independent motor traders. Offering a used car with a spare key can often be a deal clincher, and we’re ready to help you make that deal. We maintain solid working relationships with Motor Traders by being quicker, cheaper and more efficient than even their own workshops. It’s simply more convenient to give us a call than to order parts and book the car into a workshop. For your convenience we can even go the clients address after the car has been delivered to do a spare key or solve any issues with the keys. One of the hardest things in business is keeping your customers satisfied for year after year, our loyal following of those in The Trade proves we must be doing it right.

Auto Body Repair shops

Probably the most valued part of our business, we are finding ourselves servicing this part of the Motor Trade more and more. A majority of that work comes from securing stolen and recovered vehicles. We are able to supply and fit replacement locksets, and reprogram vehicles so that the stolen keys become completely redundant. Depending on the vehicle brand, some of the programming can be quite complex. Booking cars into dealerships for the programming can delay completion up to several weeks. That’s where we come in. We have invested heavily in Dealer Level Tools and Software and can do all the programming at your premises and at your convenience. As we grow into this part of the business we have found we can offer more programming options and can often help coding other modules to cars that have been repaired. We look forward to your enquiries and to being of service.

Independent Workshops

As cars become more complex its getting increasingly difficult for independent workshops to keep up with the technology. Not only do you need to be a computer whiz, you also need to invest a huge amount of your capital in tools and software. Some of these software programs are very difficult and frustrating to navigate, especially if you only use them every other week. It’s probably less stressful and more economical to call a specialist who can deal with all your programming needs. It’s also worth remembering we can add to the list of services that you offer. Give us a call so that we can deal with your clients car key requirements, or solve issues they may be having with the locks. You can call us with confidence, we won’t let you down by not turning up and we offer a proper warranty for goods and services we have supplied.


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