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Highly experienced auto locksmiths for the public and motor trade.

We offer a comprehensive mobile Auto Locksmithing and Advanced Vehicle Programming service direct to the public and to the Motor Trade. On this page you will find some of the services we offer, but if your requirement is not shown please feel free to contact us anyway. We are here to help you if we can.

Replacement vehicle keys

If your car keys have been lost or stolen, we can provide replacement keys for most cars within a few hours. We cover virtually all makes, models and year of manufacture, and in most cases at much cheaper than main dealer rates. Not only that but our fully equipped mobile service vans can attend to the vehicle where it is located so you will also save on the recovery costs. It’s worth noting that car manufacturers are starting to engineer vehicles so that at least 1 working key is required before you can add a new key. If you have lost all your keys it can become very costly and inconvenient if replacement parts are required. On some cars it’s not much of an issue if all keys are lost, and we can have you back on the road at a reasonable cost and sooner than you would expect.

Spare vehicle keys

Give yourself ‘peace of mind’ and avoid the possibility of a very stressful and costly situation by keeping a spare key for your car. In most cases it won’t make much difference to the costs if we do a spare key, as opposed to doing a replacement key if you have lost all your keys. However, there are those exceptions to the rule and many modern cars are designed so that at least 1 working key is required before we can add a spare key. We wouldn’t expect you to know which ones they are, but the shock of finding out you have lost all your keys to one of those cars will be one you remember for a very long time. Our best advice is to please make sure you always have at least 2 keys for your car.

Repair damaged or broken keys

If your key is damaged and is no longer working as it should, or if the metal key blade is worn or broken, we can quite often renew your key. Make it good as new. If we think its economically viable we can recase your old key, replace the fob buttons, and cut fresh key blades. Where repairs are possible this may offer a significant saving compared to a completely new replacement key. It’s worth giving us a call to see if this is an available option for your key.

Gaining entry to retrieve keys

If you have locked your keys in the car we are able to gain entry without causing damage to the locks, windows or door frames. We are professionals, we don’t bend doors, break windows or damage the door seals trying to feed a wire through the gap. We will gain entry by picking the locks. It’s simple when you know how and although we make it look incredibly easy believe me this is a skill your average roadside services do not have. We do it the right way, they ‘try’ do it the other way. If I had a shiny new car I know who I would call to get it open and it would definitely be Ace Auto Locksmiths.

Key programming

We are specialists in the field of key programming, we invest heavily in the latest technology and can program almost any car key providing off course it’s the correct key for the car and the car has no other issues. There is a general misconception that the ‘key’ is the root of all a cars problems. If your car suddenly won’t start’ in most cases just reprogramming the key will not solve the problem. The fault is almost always caused by something other than the key. On the rare occasions when we ‘re-program’ a key and the car is suddenly able to start again nobody is more surprised than we are. We normally approach these call outs with an open mind knowing we may be looking for other faults on the car. It’s a case of expect the worst but hope for the best. (Warning:- We only program keys supplied by ourselves, keys ordered from the main dealerships, or keys already existing for your car. Second hand keys, keys bought off eBay or other 3rd party suppliers will not be handled by us at all.)

Repair or replace vehicle locks

If you are stranded with a jammed ignition lock we have many years of experience and know-how that can get you back on the road ASAP. Quite often there may be a relatively simple fix for the problem, such as cutting fresh keys, or flushing the ignition barrel out to free up any jammed wafers. Where necessary we can strip down lock barrels to replace the worn parts with new parts and clean out all the old dust and grime. In exceptional cases we may need to order replacement parts when we are unable to do a repair. We pride ourselves in being mostly successful at repairing what we take on, and the potential cost savings can be significant.

If you have had your keys stolen and you are concerned that someone may gain unauthorised access to your car we can supply and fit a new lockset to your car. Along with deleting the stolen or lost key, whoever is in possession of the unauthorised key may as well have a key for another car. That key will be completely redundant. If you report key theft to your insurer they will insist that the locks and keys be replaced. If you are paying for this yourself you will definitely want to give us a call. We have many options available that could save you considerable expense.

Commercial vehicles

If your work van is stranded and you need the services of an Auto Locksmith urgently, call the professionals, that will be Ace Auto Locksmiths off course. Time is money, so if your van is stranded you will be losing out on valuable earnings. We are experts at extracting broken keys from locks, doing lock repairs, gaining access to locked vans and providing replacement keys, all at the roadside while you wait. Knowing how important it is to keep your vehicle moving we will always try and give you priority service.

We also do trucks (HGV’s). Not all locksmiths are capable of doing truck keys and locks. Specialist key programmers are required and everything about them is more challenging and physical. We have the tools and the experience necessary and enjoy the challenge, it makes our day more interesting. So if you have HGV key problems we look forward to your call and let’s see what we can do to help you.

Roadside assistance

Ace Auto Locksmiths are specialist Mobile Auto Locksmiths. We’re ready to come to you, our fully equipped and well stocked vans allow us to do replacement car keys and other repairs at your home, work or wherever the vehicle is stranded. When you see what we do and how we do it you will be impressed, most people have never seen anything like. We have it all in the van, key cutting machines, our own power supply, wide range of keys in stock, and the most advanced key programming tools available. Convenience is just a phone call away.

“Called Ace Autolocksmiths after 2 children were locked in car by mistake. Arrived within 5 minutes of making the call and had the car open within 30seconds. Great efficient service and even more impressive Neal would not accept a fee. Thanks for your help.”

Kevin McGovern

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