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If your car keys have been lost or stolen, give us a call and we can provide a replacement key within a few hours. We cover virtually all makes and years of manufacture, and in most cases at much cheaper rates than main dealer prices. Our service is fully mobile and because we can attend to the call out where the vehicle is located you will also save on vehicle recovery costs.


Having a set of spare keys for your car is the way to go. The cost of a spare key is very often much cheaper than the cost of a replacement key - if all keys are lost. Give yourself 'peace of mind' and avoid the possibilty of a very stressful situation by making sure your have a working spare key for your vehicle.


Ace Auto Locksmiths are specialist mobile auto locksmiths. We are ready to come to you, and our fully fitted and stocked vehicles should be able to do any replacement key job within a few hours.

Call us now on   07557 261308

and let us provide a solution to your car key problems.


Key programming is an essential part of our trade. However there is the misconception that re-programming keys will cure all faults. In only a few cases will this actually get the car started, but from our experience a non-starter is virtually always caused by other faults. Such as a faulty key/transponder, blown fuses, wiring faults or ECU or immobilser faults.

If we are called out to re-programme keys we normally check for other faults, and if the fault is related to our field of expertise we can then rectify it and get the vehicle running again.

Although we prefer supplying our own keys and transponders which we can guarantee are fit for purpose, we can programme your keys if you have obtained them yourself. This is done at your risk, and if it fails you will have the opportuntiy to buy one of our keys on the spot.

Warning :- Keys bought from an untrusted source, such as eBay are almost always not suitable to be re-used on another car. As a general rule you need new, unused keys, but if you think you can get a good deal on keys online always check with an auto locksmith first.


If your car key has broken off in the lock, no problem. We have specialist tools to extract broken key blades from locks, and can then cut a replacement key on site while you wait.

(We also carry spares cases and buttons for the most popular key fobs, and can carry out these repairs during one of our visits.)


We have years worth of experience in dealing with faulty car locks. There is very often a simple fix for the problem, such as cutting a fresh key, or releasing a jammed wafer. If called out, we will attend and where possible attempt to effect the repairs during the first visit. In most cases this will be succesful, but where replacement parts are required we will re-quote for the repair in full. Should this occur we only charge for a single call-out, so you will not be charged twice.


If you have locked your keys in the car we are able to open any vehicle without causing any damage. Most vehicles these days will deadlock, and it therefore requires specialist tools and skills to open it. We are very often called out to open cars hours after other roadside services such as AA, RAC and Greenflag have failed.

This service may cost a bit more than you would want to pay, but by using a professional auto locksmith you can avoid being messed around for hours while others try and open the  car.

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